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In recent years, the explosion of digital technologies coupled with very high-speed internet even mobile, have catalyzed the growth of disruptive companies that make technological innovation and digital transformation their competitive advantage.


This process will be accelerated over the next years by the advent and global adoption of new digital technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies. Just to name a few.


Radical innovations can bring significant benefits to end users.

They often rely on new business models that require new market rules.

In this scenario, without the appropriate ”consensus”  of the stakeholders, it will be difficult for innovators to succeed.

It is critical to define and develop strategy for Innovation Positioning, Public Affairs and Market Development.

For example, recently we addressed activities on:

Digital Health e Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare, Industry 4.0 & Digital Innovation Hub, Smart Mobility,  5G e spectrum management, Digital Infrastructure, Cyber security, Geospatial Intelligence, Food Innovation.


Our goal is to support Clients in generating a virtuous circle between their innovations, the advocacy of a favorable market environment and the development of their business.

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